Nanolux OG series 600W and 1000W

PAX2 Vaporizer

315 G-Star 

315 CMH Kit

Includes 315 watt ballast, Basic 315 reflector, 315 watt 31k bulb

Photosynthesis Plus

Grow tent with clone room

Puretane & Turbo butane

Extreme 8"  DE air cooled reflector 

18" Automatic leaf trimmer.

1, 3, 5, and 7 Gallon Root air pots.

16" Wall mount fan

4 burner C02 Generator. LP or NG

New Products

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Pyrethrum TR

Volcano Digital Vaporizer


135 Watt LED With Remote Control

.9CF Vacuum Oven- Stainless Steel Interior

5X Power butane

Vortex 6" Inline fan

Digital lux meter

5 Gallon 99% isopropyl alcohol

CMH Cool Tube Kit

​Includes 315 watt Ballast, 315 Cool Tube, 315 31k CMH Bulb

18" QuietCool Portable Evaporative Coolers

Variable speed

1/4 Hp motor

Rated at 3,000 cfm

Water pump submersible, high efficiency and maintenance free

Cools 900 sq ft

8" double ended air cooled reflector

Double ended standard reflector

18" Orbital Pedestal Fan

8" DE air cooled XL reflector

1 Gallon 99% isopropyl alcohol

hydro gardens and lights

DJI Phantom 4 Pro 

DJI Phantom 3

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

6" double ended air cooled reflector

Gavita pro DE 1000 Watt HPS

Gro1 Illuminated Double Loupe 30x & 60x

Tobacco Compressor

Deep water culture system - includes

9 Gallon reservoir


Pump (2 outlets)

Air lines

5.5" net pots

​Air stones (2)

Interlux DE 1000 Watt HPS

Hyperfan Inline fan - 6",  8",  10"

150 Watt LEC

315 Watt LEC

Karma Pen Vaporizer Kit

DJI Phantom 4 Pro+

​With Built in screen controller

FlowerMate V5.0 Pro Vaporizer

Firefly Vaporizer

DekPro Tek