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Hydro Gardens & Lights® has a desire to bring the very best in growing and extracting to the forefront of the market. We make sure our clients have immediate access to equipment and information that will lead to life-long growing success.

We provide products to help grow faster by carrying a great selection of Nutrients, Grow Lights, Grow Mediums, Environmental Controllers, Tents, and more. 
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Frequently Asked Questions


What can be grown in hydroponics?
Virtually any plant can be grown using hydroponics. Leafy greens and most herbs work well with any hydro system.
Is sunlight required for hydroponics?
Light is a necessity when growing, whether it’s form the sun or grow lights does not effect growing capabilities.
What are the advantages of hydroponics?
The biggest advantage would be the reduction of space needed over traditional farming. As well as less environmental factors such as; pest, disease, and nutrient runoff. 
Can you do hydroponics indoors?
Most growers exclusively grow indoors, because it is allows them to gain more control over the growing environment. 
Is hydroponic farming profitable 
Hydroponics is a massive nearly trillion dollar industry, and most started out small. Further more growing can be profitable with the right knowledge and businesses sense.
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